Each of our licenses allows you to use your company logo and place your links.
By purchasing a license for a year, you will receive updates to the templates and system.

The mission of “Microweber Academy” Foundation is to support organizations in their digital transformation required to remain viable in this new digital age. We are dedicated to raising awareness and understanding of the role of digital technologies, next-generation software solutions, and innovations to increase competitiveness and productivity, accomplish sustainable growth, and create job opportunities. As a specific solution, we provide our own open-source developed CMS system - Microweber.
“Microweber Academy” Foundation is a non-profit in public benefit with ID No. 207081850, registered in Bulgaria, the European Union.


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Suitable for Independent developers and Freelancers

Use the single license for single project. The template collection includes 40+ templates and is updated every month. The license includes one template, which contains all 450+ layouts in 20 categories. You can change the logo with your own and put your links in the template. You are getting updates for an year.

License allows you
  • Use your own logo
  • Put your own links
  • Use in single end product
  • Hosted on your server
License not allows you
  • Resell it more than once
  • Upload it to other marketplaces
  • Use in an end product that's sold


Monthly payment Buy


Designed for Web Studios and Marketing Agency

This license allows you to use (download) all of our templates to develop customer websites. The template collection includes 40+ templates and is updated every month. Each of our templates contains 450+ layouts in 20 different categories. You can make any site vary fast.

By purchasing this license, you have the right to change the Microweber logo with yours, as well as to change the links in the footer of template. You get access to the new themes we are developing. You may use this license to develop and provide websites based on templates to your customers. You may not redistribute templates directly or provide them to third parties. The license includes updates of templates
and system, bug fixing and support.

License allows you
  • Use your own logo
  • Put your own links
  • Use in multiple websites
  • Hosted on your servers
License not allows you
  • Resell it directly to third parties
  • Upload it to other marketplaces
  • Use in an end product that's sold



The short video below shows how Microweber Live Edit works.
You can create a webpage from zero litaraly for minutes whithout any no-codding.
Our software will safe you time and money in the process of building any kind of websites.


Frequently Asked Questions

The license you want to get depended of that, for what you are gona to use it. For example if you are a freelancer or small web design company, you can choose the Single license, which allows you to buy and use for commercial purposes one of our templates. The web design companies and studies which are making many websites, we recommend the Premium license. The Premium license gives you rights to use all of our templates unlimited and will save you time and money. For hosting companies or businesses that want to resell directly Microweber as a SaaS solution under their brand, we recommend the Enterprise license. Let us know if you have more questions related with the licenses we offer. Thank you!

No, there is no limit of how many websites you can create using Microweber except for the smallest Basic license which is valided for one domain. Using some of the other licences you have not any limitations of the numbers of website you can make. Each of our templates is contains more than 450 layouts in 20 differed categories.

We are working on improving Microweber on a daily basses. Releasing a new premium templates and modules is our priority and each week you can find something new in the marketplace. You can check the premium templates and modules in website in Templates and Modules sections.

To offer you a quality and fast support is one of the important things we are trying to provide to our customers. Our support is organized by Ticket system in general. For web studios that are needed more faster way to support we offering a direct skype group. And for a companies using our Enterprise license we offering all of it plus, Jira software management board. The direct support we offer is in an additional price from the licenses.

Yes, we can offer you custom design and development for projects and websites which are using Microweber and Laravel. We also can offer you a part of Microweber such as WYSYISWYG. We can also offering writing Plesk and cPanel plugins and WHMCS modules.

The differed between White Label License and our Re-seller program is that in the reseller program you are using our infrastructure like dedicate and VPS servers of Microweber, while when you are using the White Label License, you should have your own infrastructure where you are the owner of the users data and you are responsible for it.

Still we don't have a much videos and tutorials of how the end user can use Microweber. We know that this is important and we will have a good library of tutorials very soon. For developer teams, web design companies and support teams we can offer an online training courses. Contact us for more information.